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When Professor/psychologist; Dr. Susan Larsen's son Blakely graduated from the outstanding special needs program at Villa Park High School, she was at a loss as to what he was to do with the remainder of his time. Blakely has Autism and is Intellectually Disabled, yet has a disposition of angelic warmth and kindness. After much consideration, she came up with the idea to open a restaurant given that Blakely loves to cook and socialize with others. The main goal of Blakely’s Chicken and Pizza is to ensure a warm and welcoming environment for all; while providing the freshest, most delicious, high quality and economical food possible. Combined, our highly experienced chefs have over 120 years of experience. We hope you enjoy the true authentic flavors of Mexico that separate us from the widespread chains and franchised restaurants. Everything on our menu is prepared from scratch daily.

It’s worth noting that over 98 percent of the wait staff at Blakely’s Chicken and Pizza, are college students. Dr. Larsen’s goal in hiring her friendly staff is to provide college students with secure employment so that they can successfully complete their endeavor of higher education. Additionally several of our greeters, bus staff and other employees are special needs individuals just like Blakely. We here at Blakely’s Chicken and Pizza, genuinely thank you for dining with us. Please know that each time you eat here, you too are supporting the mission of inclusiveness and higher education. A portion of the profits from the sale of the 2 for 5 “Grab and Go” snack bags and fruit/veggie salads go to providing employment for our disabled friends. Blakely’s Tee-shirt sales with the same goal are forthcoming. We truly hope that you join us in spreading the word about Blakely’s Chicken and Pizza to others in our grand community of Orange, California.


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1632 E. Katella Ave, #1A, Orange, CA, 92867.